Proper SEO guide for 2019

proper seo guide for 2019

As we know that the SEO is a very dynamic and vast field. Google is evolving its search algorithms rapidly to provide better search results to its audience.  So you need to optimize your website to get your audience.

Here are some strategies that you can implement to rank well on Google in 2019.

Optimize for Google’s Mobile first Index

Currently, 60% of Google searches done via mobile devices and its growing rapidly. So Google launches mobile first indexing to provide a better search experience to its mobile users. So now the question arises that –

How to optimize for Google’s mobile-first index?

Here are some ways to optimize for the mobile-first index.

1.    If you have a mobile version of your website then switches it over to responsive design.

2.    Check your website is mobile friendly or not. You can follow the below link to check –

Video Marketing

Consumption of videos is growing day by day. According to a study, videos will cover 80% of online traffic by 2021. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, and most importantly it is Google’s product that’s why Google considers its traffic as authoritative which will further help in better rankings. You can also find that some videos even rank on the featured snippet of Google searches. The best practice is to make an awesome video, optimize them for YouTube SEO and embed them to your landing pages or blogs.

Voice Search Optimization

With the below facts, we can say that voice searches will be the future of searches.

–    41% of adults use voice search at least one time every day.

–    Voice searches increased by 35x since 2008.

–    Voice Searches holds 20% of all mobile searches.

How to optimize for voice search

Here are some tips to optimize for voice search.

1.    Google pick top 3 searches from search results as a source for voice search. So your website should rank in the top 3 search result for the particular search query.

2.    If your content is appearing in Featured Snippet, then there are higher chances that your content will be a pick for the voice search result.

3.    Include questions and answers in your content.

Content Optimization

Content is still the king because without a better content there is no ground for all the optimization like voice search and mobile first.

How to write quality content

In the old days, Google used to ranks a website on the base of keywords means if you are using keyword 5-6 times in your content and place your keyword in Title, URL, Alt text, h1 and description then you are good to go. The HTML tags still matter but Google now using AI to check the quality of content so now its criteria have been changed. Google is now focusing on the context and intent of the search queries and wants to provide the proper information to its users.

What is the intent behind the search query?

Here are some metrics to find users intent.

1.    What user wants to accomplish (information or buy) with the search query?

2.    What other information users need to get with the particular search query like if a user searches for the term “LED Bulbs”, then a user could want information like cost of the LED bulbs, benefits of LED bulbs, and types of led bulbs.

So if your content matches the above criteria and you are providing proper information to your users then Google consider your content as quality content.

Link Building (Backlinks)

Backlinks are essential to rank your website high on Google, but you need to have high quality backlinks.

How to get high quality backlinks

Here are some easiest and practical ways to get high quality backlinks for your website.

1.    Infographics – It’s an effective way to get backlinks. You can make infographics with the help of online tools like Canva and then submit them to the websites like

2.    Blogging – Generate the quality content and then publish on the high-authority websites like the WordPress and BlogSpot.

3.    PPT/PDF – Make attractive presentations and then post them on the websites like Issuu and SlideShare.

4.    Videos – Videos are a great way to get high-quality backlinks/traffic. You can publish videos on websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

5.    Outreach – This is harder than the above methods but effective. In this method, you need to approach other relevant websites to get backlinks. There is plenty of ways to get backlinks from outreach method like – guest posts, broken links building, and request links for brand mentions.

On – Page Optimization

On – Page optimization is the root for all the SEO activities, so it needs to be strong.

How to optimize for On-Page SEO

Here are some factors to optimize for on-page

1.    Tag optimization –  You can optimize HTML tags like title, alt text, h1 by including a keyword.

2.    Internal links – Internal links are the links those point from one page to another within the website. Make the backlink of the most valuable page in the other pages of your website.

3.    Robot.txt – Robot.txt allows you to disallow the pages to get crawl by the crawler that you don’t want to show to the search engines.

4.    Sitemap – Sitemap file contains all the internal web pages of your website that helps search engines to crawl and index them easily.

5.    HTTPS/SSL – Especially, if you have an E-Commerce website and you have an activated payment gateway on your website then you must opt for SSL to make your website secure.

6.    URL optimization – Optimize your web page URLs by includes keywords and makes them short and sweet.

7.    Image optimization – You can optimize your website images by renaming them, compress them and include alt text.

8.    Speed optimization – Below are some techniques to increase your website speed.

–    Use Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting.

–    Compress your website’s images (or convert them into WEBP format), CSS, HTML, Text, and JavaScript.

–    Reduce the Use of plugins.

You can check and optimize your website speed with the help of tools like PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to get better rankings in 2019. If you have any query, then please comment below.

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